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A Guide to Best Things to Do in Redding CA

What's In The Guide?

Redding is an amazing city in Northern California with lots of beautiful destinations to enjoy nature. The Sacramento River flows through the city and there is also a lovely trail along the river which is known as Sacramento River. Must visit the 217-foot-tall Sundial Bridge. It’s surrounded by big mountains, calm lakes, green forests and it’s really beautiful. Redding is so unique because it has lots of fun outdoor Things to do. Visitors can hike on beautiful trails and fish in clear lakes. This is not only about nature. It has a lively community with lots of cool stuff happening. You can check out art galleries, museums, and fun festivals. There’s always something to do and enjoy. The Diverse Mark Team has covered almost all the best Things to do in Redding CA for travelers given below.

Top Attractions in Redding, CA

Visit Lake Shasta | Best Things to Do in Redding CA

Lake Shasta located in Redding, California is a huge reservoir in the state. It’s the biggest place for fishing with lots of bass, trout, catfish, and crappie. You can rent a houseboat and stay for a few days. water-ski, paddle, jump off your houseboat or just play in the water.  Lake Shasta was constructed by building Shasta Dam which stopped the Sacramento, McCloud, and Pit Rivers. After having a lot of fun people can relax and have a nice picnic by the lake.

Sundial Bridge | Best Things to Do in Redding CA

Santiago Calatrava is a famous architect and engineer from Spain. He made a special bridge called the Sundial Bridge which is also like a piece of art. At the Sundial Bridge in Redding, CA there’s an array of enjoyable stuff for people to partake in. People who like to click pictures will love the Sundial Bridge, especially during sunrise and sunset when the light is just right for beautiful photos. Throughout the year there are fun events near the Sundial Bridge like art shows, concerts, and festivals. Looking at the events calendar helps visitors make sure they don’t miss any cool stuff happening while they’re here. Look for different kinds of birds near the Sundial Bridge. Lots of people like to watch birds there.

Lassen National Park | Best Things to Do in Redding CA

A cool place near Redding is Lassen National Park. It’s a great place of natural beauty.  You can see old volcano stuff there. It’s great for people who like being outside. You can visit hot springs or go for a hike. You might see animals like deer, bears, and birds while you’re there. You will see bubbling mud pots and serene mountain lakes. people can have a relaxing picnic surrounded by the park’s beauty. There are lots of pretty spots with picnic tables and amazing views. You can be camping here like Sleep under the glorious stars.

Turtle Bay Exploration Park | Best Things to Do in Redding CA

Turtle Bay Exploration Park in Redding, CA is a beautiful and amazing place. It provides a wide variety of attractions for all ages people. It includes the Turtle Bay Museum, Paul Bunyan’s Forest Camp with North American wildlife, and the iconic Sundial Bridge. The park is a wonderful mix of nature, art, and fun activities making it a special place to visit. Here children can play and learn about plants in a safe and fun place. They get to touch, smell, and explore different types of plants making it a cool adventure for them. Overall the park has hiking trails, seasonal exhibits, Kids activities, and a gift shop and cafe,  for people to have fun.

Best Outdoor Activities in Redding, CA

Hiking in Redding | Best Things to Do in Redding CA

Redding is perfect for hiking whether you’re just starting or want to hike all day. There are tons of trails to pick from. You could spend a week for searching different parts of Redding. Some cool places to hike include Castle Crags, Whiskeytown National Recreation Area, Lassen National Park, and Trinity Alps Wilderness.

You can take a relaxing walk on an exciting adventure hike whatever you’re in the mood for. Lassen Volcanic National Park not far from Redding, has cool hikes with volcanoes, steamy spots called fumaroles, and colorful hot springs. If you’re staying close to town you’ve got the Sacramento River Trail right there perfect for taking a stroll, a jog, or biking. It’s got awesome views of the river and the hills around, giving you a nice break from the hustle and bustle.

Best Things to Do in Redding CA

WaterWorks Park is the coolest place to go for fun in Redding, especially in summer. It’s like a big playground with lots of water stuff like slides and pools. Everyone no matter how old you are can have a blast here. WaterWorks Park is really fun. You can go alone or with your family. If you’re in Redding in the summer go there for a super exciting day. During the day the park has cool stuff happening like shows and fun things to do to keep you entertained. At this spot, you can listen to music and play fun water games. If you get hungry, there are yummy snacks and drinks at the food stands.

Best Things to Do in Redding CA

If you enjoy nature walks and pretty views, check out the Sacramento River Trail in Redding, California. It starts at the Sundial Bridge and goes all the way to the Keswick Dam. You can jog in the morning along the trail and stop at Lake Shasta to see the pretty views or even go for a swim. The Sacramento River Trail is awesome for walking, biking, or pushing your kids in a stroller. You can even bring your dog. There are restrooms and benches along the way for breaks. You can rent bikes too. This trail connects to another one called the Sacramento River Rail Trail which has even prettier views.

Fly Fishing | Best Things to Do in Redding CA

Redding is the best place for trout fishing according to Forbes and Field & Stream magazine. The Sacramento and Trinity Rivers. plus Shasta and Manzanita Lakes are famous for great trout fishing. You can try to catch rainbow trout, brown trout, or steelhead fish. There are lots of chances to show off your fishing skills and catch some big ones.

Cultural Festival and Events In Redding, CA

Shasta County Fair

The Shasta County Fair in Redding, CA is a huge party where ever people of all ages come together to have fun. There are plenty of cool rides and shows to watch that make you feel really excited. But one of the best parts of the fair is seeing all the farm animals up close. Visitors can cows, sheep, and pigs that local farmers raise. It is like a tinny farm where you can learn about where our food comes from. It is fantastic to see how much work goes into taking care of these animals.

Redding Shakespeare Festival 

On a warm summer night, you get to watch a super fun show outside. That’s the Redding Shakespeare Festival. They act out stories written by William Shakespeare a famous writer from way back. It’s like a huge playdate where you hear cool stories with awesome characters and funny jokes.

Redding Rodeo

If you want to spend a thrilling time at Redding Rodeo so there is something for you. It is such a great show where cowboys and cowgirls ride bulls and broncos and race around barrels. Additionally, there’s a carnival with games live music to dance to, and yummy food to grab. It’s a blast for everyone. It is usually held in summer like July.

Redding Christmas Parade 

Every year during the holiday season, the Redding Christmas Parade brings merry cheer to our town. See colorful floats marching bands and Santa Claus himself spreading holiday cheer as they parade through the streets.

Must Try Food and Drinks In Reddings, CA

Black Bear Diner

Imagine you want yummy food that reminds you of happy times at home like grandma’s cooking. Black Bear Diner is like that. They have fluffy pancakes for breakfast and yummy pot roast for dinner just like the good old days.

Fruity Refreshment

Instead of alcohol, you can try fresh juices or smoothies from nearby juice bars or cafes. It’s great for hot days in Redding when you need something refreshing. When it’s super hot in Redding a cold fruity drink is the best way to cool off.

Italian Classics

At Nello’s Place in Redding, they serve yummy Italian food like steak Diane and chicken parmesan. It’s a cozy place with a nice vibe.

Cattlemens Restaurants

Cattlemens Restaurant is like going to cowboy movie. In this place, there is so much delicious food for visitors who can enjoy juicy steaks, yummy ribs, tasty seafood, and fun drinks all in a place that looks like the Wild West. It’s a fun spot with yummy food that everyone loves.

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