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Unique Best Things to Do in Monterey CA

What's In The Guide?

Monterey is an outstanding place by the ocean. Monterey Park is a little town in Los Angeles County with about 60,000 people. The city has lots of parks, museums, and places to shop like Monterey Park Mall and Atlantic Times Square. It’s like a mix of cool history and beautiful nature, all in one spot. People have written stories and made movies about it You can see whales there and it’s also one of the oldest cities in California. The water is so clear and full of all kinds of animals. You can have fun and the best things to do in Monterey CA. Also Fun on the water, ride bikes, or chill and watch the sunset by the bay. Downtown Monterey Park is perfect for people who love food, with lots of great restaurants. Throughout the year the town throws awesome parties Harmony Festival, Lunar New Year, Cherry Blossom Festival you name it.

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Top Attractions in Monterey CA

Monterey Bay Aquarium

Monterey Bay Aquarium

The Monterey Bay Aquarium is a cool destination with lots of different sea animals. There are otters, jellyfish, sharks, and more. It’s super popular because you can learn about protecting the ocean while having fun. You can see big sharks in the Open Sea exhibit, or watch penguins in the Splash Zone. There are even special tours where you can learn even more and maybe even meet some animals up close. It’s a great place for families to have a fun and educational day out.

Walk around old Fisherman’s Wharf

Old Fishermans Wharf Credit

Old Fisherman’s Wharf, established in 1845, is a charming waterfront village filled with yummy food spots and cute shops to explore. Old Fisherman’s Wharf is a bustling and exciting place. People from nearby and far away come to enjoy yummy seafood, cool shops, and pretty sights. Right next door is Monterey Harbor, where you can fish, sail, watch plays, and see whales. If you’re not sure what to do first, try The Chowder House for tasty clam chowder, Old Fisherman’s Grotto for yummy seafood, or get some delicious saltwater taffy.

Monterey Museum of Art

 Monterey Museum of Art

Just a 10-minute walk from the wharf, on Pacific Street you’ll find the Monterey Museum of Art. It’s one of the biggest museums on California’s Central Coast. The museum has both old and new art. You can see paintings by early American settlers, famous artists from the 1900s, and modern views of Monterey’s beautiful scenery. With both permanent exhibits and traveling collections, there’s always something interesting to explore.

See the Sights of 17-Mile Drive

See the Sights of 17-Mile Drive- Best Things to Do in Monterey CA

Monterey is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Northern California, and the 17-mile drive highlights its best features. This short and simple way of Highway 1 goes next to the Pacific Ocean and shows you some of the most pretty coastal views. The 17-mile Drive in Monterey is a beautiful coastal adventure packed with stunning sights. You will pass by Bird Rock, a giant hangout for birds, sea lions, and seals.

You’ll see the Lone Cypress Tree, a very famous tree standing alone on a cliff. The drive also takes you past the Restless Sea, where big waves crash and create a dramatic view. Look for the spooky cypress “ghost trees” along the water. Bring your camera to take pictures. This drive is a great way to spend an afternoon. You have to pay to drive yourself, but you can also join a tour that handles everything and sometimes includes lunch or snacks.

Walk from the Old Town to Cannery Row

Walk from the Old Town to Cannery Row-Best Things to Do in Monterey CA

The path from Old Town to Fisherman’s Wharf along the waterfront is only 0.7 miles long. It’s much better than trying to park near Cannery Row. It is a super long paved path for biking and walking, with great views of the water all along. There are spots to stop for photos and to watch sea lions relaxing on rocks.

Best Outdoor Activities in Monterey, CA

Go whale-watching

Go whale-watching-Unique Things to Do in Monterey CA with Family

Monterey offers whale-watching trips that last from two to six hours. You get to see big whales up close. Relaxing on a fancy yacht, you’ll see amazing views. The crew knows a lot about the city, sea life, and environment. They’ll take you to the ocean to see humpback whales. Look for dolphins, sea otters, and seals too. You can always see humpback whales. Between December and May, you might also see grey whales.

Snorkeling or Diving Lesson

Snorkeling or Diving Lesson-Best Things to Do in Monterey CA

The ocean next to Monterey, California is like a super special place called the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary. It is huge covering over 6000 square miles. You can go Scuba Diving and Snorkeling there. Check out the dive shops and boat tours on Cannery Row for details on where to go and how to do it.

Rent Surrey Bikes

Rent Surrey Bikes-Best Things to Do in Monterey CA  for Adults

Biking around Monterey is a great way to have an adventure. People can rent regular bikes for themselves, or try something different. Surrey bikes are fun because a small one fits 3 people and a big one fits 6, so everyone can have fun together. They have a motor that helps when you pedal, so it’s easy to ride longer distances or uphill. You can rent bikes, kayaks, and paddleboards at Adventures By The Sea on 685 Cannery Row. They also offer tours.

Cultural Festival and Event in Monterey, CA

Monterey Blues Festival

Monterey Blues Festival

The Monterey Blues Festival is like a grand party where people come together to celebrate blues music in Monterey California. This festival is filled with good vibes and lively tunes which brings all people to enjoy the music and each other company. It is held every June and attracts legendary and up-and-coming blues artists.

Enjoy the Monterey Jazz Festival

Enjoy the Monterey Jazz Festival

The Monterey Jazz Festival is a fun event in Monterey, California, where people come from everywhere to listen to cool jazz music. You can imagine tapping your feet and swaying to the smooth sounds. There are lots of amazing musicians playing on different stages and you can discover new favorites while enjoying the classics. It’s a fun weekend full of music, good vibes, and maybe even a little dancing.

Try Food and Drinks in Monterey, CA

Monterey’s Fish House

Monterey's Fish House

People like this cool food place because they make yummy seafood dishes in a relaxed place. They have tasty stuff like grilled fish tacos and lobster rolls, so if you want seafood you’ll find something delicious here.

Paprika Cafe

Paprika Cafe 

Paprika Cafe is a cozy spot, people love this because of the yummy food. They serve tasty Mediterranean cuisine in a relaxed environment. From flavorful kebabs to fresh salads and savory wraps, there’s everything for everyone to enjoy. The service of this Cafe is so friendly and they give you big portions. It’s an amazing place to eat a casual meal or a quick snack. If you want a tasty gyro or something different, Paprika Cafe has all the yummy Mediterranean food you could want.

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