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A Guide To Best Things To Do In Athens, Al

What's In The Guide?

Fun Things To Do In Athens, AL This Weekend

Athens, Alabama is a place with a rich history and citrus culture. Back in the 1818s, The town of Athens was officially incorporated. It was named after the ancient city of Athens in Greece, reflecting the founders’ aspirations for it to become a center of learning and culture. The town started to grow and Athens grew as a small agricultural town. Cotton was a significant crop, and the town’s economy was largely agriculture. Industrial developments and improved infrastructure marked this era.

If you love to go hiking, biking, and exploring nature, Athens Alabama is the best place to go. You can visit a lake and ski resort for outdoor fun, there are many fun things to do in Athens Alabama for visitors.

Visiting Athens, AL, and haven’t decided where to stay? Read our guide to the best hotels in Athens, AL.

Top Attractions in Athens, AL

Alabama Veterans Museum & Archives 

The Alabama Veterans Museum and Archives. Located in Athens, Alabama, is a great place to discover stories about veterans. It’s like a huge museum full of things from people who love the military. Visitors can walk and see their Uniforms, old photos, and medals they won. The museum is a unique place to learn about history and honor the brave people to serve our nation. As you explore the museum, you may meet some veterans who can tell you about their experiences.

Houston Memorial Library and Museum

The Houston Memorial Library and Museum is among the top attractions in Athens, Alabama. The library was built in 1835 and you can explore immersive exhibits that tell the story of Houston’s past and its people.

museum if you love books to read and enjoy the library section. It’s a great place to learn new things or learn even more about Houston. Don’t miss out on special events and workshops overall this is a great place where you can enjoy or explore and discover all about this city.

Elk River Lodge State Park

The Elk River Lodge State Park is a unique place to visit for fun and outdoor activities. Inside the House, they have 13 bedrooms a commercial-type kitchen, and a large living room area. There’s a river and a beautiful view. If you like fishing you can catch a fish and also have a picnic with your loved ones in the park. You can walk on paths and hike on the trails, and the newest addition is the trail and see beautiful nature. Elk River Lodge State Park is a great place to enjoy or see nature and make memories. At night you can camp and talk around a fire.

Big Spring Park

The Big Spring Park is famous for being a beautiful place and is located in Athens, Alabama. You can walk along the paths and enjoy the beautiful scenery. There are many things where you can see ducks, turtles, and fish in the pond. Big Spring Park is a true outdoor adventure of any age. You can have a picnic in the park and also have a playground where children can play. Sometimes, there are events and festivals with music and food. It’s a peaceful place to relax and enjoy nature with family and friends.

Valley Fort RV Park & Storage

Valley Fort RV Park & Storage is a great place to stay and enjoy. This is located between Athens and Madison, AL. The park offers a lot of activities. You can go hiking on nearby trails, fish in local streams, or have a good picnic with your family. You can come and experience the beautiful nature and enjoy RV living at our park.

Southern Gayles Golf Course & Grill

The Southern Golf Course & Grill is located in Athens, AL. This place is a perfect outdoor activity for fun. Start by playing on their well-kept 18-hole public golf course, which is great for both beginners and experienced golfers. They are now under new ownership and have big improvements and upgrades and facilities for the family or providing affordable, quality golf experience. After your game, you can sit or enjoy a wide range of tasty Grill dishes like burgers, sandwiches, salads, and desserts. It’s a fantastic place to savor good food. If you are a golf lover this place is perfect for you


Must Try Food & Drinks In Athens, AL

LawLers Barbecue

The Lawlers Barbecue is a great place to enjoy a delicious BBQ. When you visit they serve so many items you can try their tasty ribs, smoked chicken, piggy packs, pulled pork and famous baked beans, coleslaw, and potato salad. They have a special variety of sauces to enhance your meal. End your meal with sweet handmade banana pudding for desserts. The Lawlers Barbecue has a good atmosphere and friendly vibes making it a great dinner or casual meal with friends and family.

Cracker Barrel

The Cracker Barrel is a great place to visit for fun and delicious food. When you go there you can have a delicious meal with classical southern food and fried chicken and biscuits. After eating explore the county store has lots of interesting items for old-fashioned candy, home decor, and unique gifts. You can also play games like checkers on the porch or relax and enjoy rocking chairs. Cracker Barrel is a comfortable spot where you can have a good meal and explore the good things. 

Ro's Grille

The Ro’s Grille is a great place that offers a mix of food and fun with plenty of activities to enjoy. Ro’s Grille food is full of flavor and experiences become cherished memories. You can try their amazing tasty foods such as burgers, fresh salad, and sweet desserts. The restaurant has a friendly atmosphere where you can sit and watch live sports on big screens or enjoy your meal. Your music-lover they are also hosts live music performances and events like trivia night. This is the best place you must check it out.

D & L Seafood and Grill

The D & L Seafood and Grill is a fantastic place to enjoy delicious food. They serve fresh seafood and tasty grilled meals and begin with appetizers such as shrimp cocktails or crab cakes. For the main dishes, they have grilled fish, juicy steaks, or seafood pasta, and also have fries, salads, and veggies, make sure to try their desserts. The restaurant has a good atmosphere and friendly staff if you love seafood and grilled items so D & L Seafood and Grill has a perfect place for everyone. 

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