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Best Budget Headlamp for Hiking and Camping in 2024

Best headlamp for hiking

If you are planning to go hiking, Camping, Backpacking, or any type of outside trip and you are planning a trip for more than a day, chances are you need a headlamp and it’s very important to choose the best headlamp for hiking, or any sort of trip. We have tested more than 60  best headlamps over the last 5 years. For our current year, we have tested 25 best budget headlamps against each other. We have tested these best headlamps for hiking in real life and also in a testing lab to check their light density, battery timing, and quality of headlamps. If you need a bright lamp for backcountry, hunting, hiking, or any trip. This buying guide illuminates every aspect of headlamps and for all ranges of budgets. More if you are looking for the best Backpack read our comprehensive Guide.

Best Headlamp for Hiking

Zebralight H600w Mk IV  

Best Headlamp for hiking, Zebralight H600w Mk IV

  Pros   Cons
Durable MaterialNeed an 18650 Li-ion battery (not incl)
Highly Bright & wide BeamExpensive than others
Best Battery timingLittle Bit Heavier
Water ProofNeed 18650 Li-ion battery (not incl)
Easy to Use

If price is not an issue for you then Zebralight H600w Mk IV  will never disappoint you. In this Headlamp you will see a bright and wide spread of light and the battery timing is commendable you will love it. It is built to last in quality.

Usually, Headlamps are not a long-term investment but Zebralight H600w Mk IV stands in a position to go in a one-time investment. When we go in a field we see a bright wide long beam more than a football field for more than 3 hours in high mode and low light mode its battery life is more than a week. We have also checked the Mark IV is waterproof and submersible to 1.8 meters. We tried this in the most punishing environment and amazingly it passed all the hurdles.

The downside of Mark IV is its price and it rarely comes with discounts. It is slightly heavier than average ( 4.4 ounces ). Also, one more thing you need to know: on full power setting it gets warm ( not too hot to touch ). One more thing in the end you’ll need to spend another $15-$25 to buy an 18650 Li-ion battery and charger, this one-time purchase will save you from buying batteries after some time.  You can save your money by not purchasing regular batteries.

Zebralight H600w Mk IV is perfect for hiking. It is simply stunning for its combination, durability, and power battery. It is the best headlamp for hiking or any outside trip. Trust us if you are searching for the best hiking headlamp then Mark IV will never disappoint you.After a complete testing and Review, we have given this product 9 points out 10.

2. Black Diamond Storm

Best head lamp for hiking
Black Diamond Storm

Beam distance: 92m | High Run-time: 5.10hr

Best for waterproof

 Durable Built QualitySingle button UI Difficult to operate
Best waterproof headlamp ( 1.2m )Heavier than average 
Battery life is Above then Average
Bright and wide beam
High weather resistant
Number of setting options

Extra Features 

In The headlamp you will see power tap Button by which on a single touch you can activate a high light mode 

If you are looking for a headlamp that can bear bad weather, heavy rain, or any worse condition then Black Diamond Storm is our best headlamp for hiking after Zaberabright. It’s not only good in heavy rain but also the builtin quality of this headlamp is amazing. This light is an all-rounder it will give you the best results in the most difficult situations and it throws a wide and bright beam 92 meters away on the downhill side. But on testing, we have seen that the storm beam is 11 m less than Spot still we gave up the rank to the black diamond Storm on testing results we have seen its battery life is far better than Spot’s, and the builtin quality is also commendable.

When we talk about its weight it is a little bit more than average light ( 4.0 ounces ). It has 4  AAA Batteries ( mostly use only 3 ) and one spare battery for long duration. It gives 5 hours in highlight mode and more than 40 hours in low light mode. Hunters will appreciate the option of 3 types of LED lights ( red, green, Blue, and also white.

When we compare Storm and Zaberabright H600w and check which one is better than Zaberabright H600w, the waterproof depth is 1.8M  and storm depth is 1m for 45Mins. But there is an interesting point: storms sell at half the price of Zaberabright. There is something to talk about that is difficult to use in a storm. It has a lot of settings on 1 button which makes you confused. Storm has a dustproof and waterproof section for a one-meter depth in the water. When we talk about battery charging then No rechargeable battery is offered by Black Diamond. We have seen that lights work better in rechargeable batteries. Overall, a Black diamond storm is an excellent light that will serve many years in rain and shine.

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