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Boston is on the East Coast and has lots of cool things to see. It has old fashioned buildings, a big history from a long time ago  and lots of different cultures to explore.Yet what captures the attention of most visitors is the profusion of green spaces spread throughout the urban landscape. Ranging from leafy avenues to expansive  lush expanses  the Parks in Boston form an integral part of the aptly named Emerald Park System contributing a touch of enchantment to any excursion into the heart of Boston.Boston’s reputation as a pedestrian friendly city is widely recognized. Embracing this aspect of its character, taking a moment to pause and appreciate the natural beauty within one of its verdant parks is an unparalleled experience.If you want to see lots of flowers blooming the best time to go to Boston’s parks is in May and June before it gets really hot in the summer. Even then  the Parks in Boston have water features to help you cool down. And if you visit in winter you can see pretty lights and maybe go ice skating.Also if you are Planing to visit Alabama we have selected some best Hotels for stay Al explore them to chose the best one.

Exploring Parks in Boston

  • The Public Garden
  • Rose Kennedy Fitzgerald
  • Mount  Auburn Cemetery
  • Christopher Columbus Park
  • Boston Common
  • Back Bay Fens

The Public Garden

Parks in Boston , The Public Garden

Starting your tour of best Parks in Bostonat the Public Garden is the perfect way to begin.In the middle of the city is the Public Garden, a place with a lot of history. There are statues around the park honouring important people in art and science. When winter ends people in Boston look forward to seeing the Swan Boats again and watching Romeo and Juliet  the swans build their nest  which means spring is here. One of the most famous statues in the garden shows General George Washington on his big horse showing he was a leader in America’s first botanical garden.

Just across Charles Street is the Boston Common, the nation’s oldest park. It used to be a grazing place where sheep and cows grazed  but now it’s where families, students and pets hang out. There are all kinds of things to do there  like having picnics and going to festivals. In the winter Frog Pond turns into an ice skating rink  and in April  it becomes a calm pool where you can see reflections.The Boston Public Garden has a fancy style. It’s enclosed by a pretty Victorian fence and has winding paths with statues, fountains, different trees and plants and a big pond with swan boats you can ride.

Rose Kennedy Fitzgerald Park

Parks in Boston , Rose Kennedy Fitzgerald Park

For folks in the North End and nearby places  the Rose Kennedy Fitzgerald Greenway means a lot more than just a park. It marks a huge change from the old ugly cement area of the former Central Artery to a beautiful green space. This project, part of Boston’s “Big Dig, was finished in 2008 giving us a 1.5-mile-long park that covers 17 acres between downtown Boston and Boston Harbor.This park is loved by everyone, especially kids who have a blast at the Greenway Carousel. It’s a special ride inspired by drawings from local kids.

Artist Jeff Briggs turned those drawings into a fun ride that everyone  including those with disabilities can enjoy. Families also enjoy the cool fountains designed to look pretty but also to help people cool down on hot days.The Greenway also has cool art displays that you can interact with. These change often and show off different cultures and art types. You could spend a whole day here checking out the park and grabbing food from trucks. There are also shady spots where you can take a break and relax.

Mount  Auburn Cemetery

Mount  Auburn Cemetery, parks in Buston

Mount Auburn Cemetery is a special place with lots to offer: it’s like a park, a place for burials, a garden with lots of different trees and a home for animals (bird lovers really like it here). It’s a big area  about 72 acres and was made in 1831 by the Massachusetts Horticultural Society. It was the first garden cemetery in America. The design  done by Frederick Law Olmsted, uses natural things like hills and trees in a really cool way.

There’s lots of wildlife here like foxes and wild turkey  which is pretty amazing for a busy city like Boston. People who love nature, gardening  history and art all come here to see famous graves and cool sculptures. The landscape is peaceful with ponds and statues  including a huge Sphinx. There are also fancy mausoleums and you can see all of Boston and Cambridge from Washington Tower. Some cool spots to check out are the Dell, the Asa Gray Garde  Bigelow Chapel and the Mary Baker Eddy monument by Halcyon Lake.

Christopher Columbus waterfront Parks in Boston

Christopher Columbus waterfront Park best park in buston

Before the Greenway’s arrival Christopher Columbus Waterfront Park stood as the North End’s cherished family hub. Nestled along Boston Harbor it boasts vine-covered paths providing cool shade. As winter approaches these vines illuminate with festive lights.

Children revel in the playground, especially the unique crow’s nest  offering panoramic harbour views. Adjacent lies the Massachusetts Beirut Memorial.

Adding to its allure is the Rose Kennedy Rose Garden featuring a serene fountain and ample shaded seating. Year-round the park hosts various events and festivals  making it a vibrant community gathering place..This city park is a hotspot especially on the way to nearby bars and restaurants. It’s not a quiet nature spot; instead it’s a bustling place where people gather.

Boston Common

Boston Common parks in buston

Boston Common is one of the amazing parks in Boston city  and it’s a really incredible park. It holds a deep and winding history that dates back to 1634. It’s not just a pretty place for a walk; it’s full of history. Lots of important people from history have spent time here. It’s also where the Freedom Trail starts and you can easily get here from Beacon Hill and Old Town Trolley Boston.

There are a lot of cool statues and the Central Burying Ground to see here. It’s such an important place that we suggest spending a whole day exploring it before checking out the rest of the city at night.During the summer  there are lots of fun things for families to do here  like riding a carousel, playing in the playground  and splashing around in Frog Pond. They also have concerts and performances outside  with a stage and plenty of grass for picnics and hanging out.And during Winter you can go ice skating on Frog Pond and enjoy the annual tree lighting ceremony.

Back Bay Fens

Back Bay Fens

The Back Bay Fens was made by a landscape architect named Frederick Law Olmstead. He turned a place filled with yucky saltwater into a nice park. It is the most loved spot for people in the neighbourhood and it’s where Fenway Parks in Bostongot its name from. That’s the place where the Boston Red Sox play baseball. There’s a playground in the park called Mother’s Rest. Families can relax and take a break there.It’s a nice place for families to relax and take a break. Nearby  there’s the World War II Memorial, a peaceful place to think and remember. Right next to it is the Kelleher Rose Garden, a beautiful area with arches covered in roses and a fountain.At the southern part of the park there’s a track that goes around Clemente Field, a field for sports and activities. It’s a nice spot for bird-watching too with birds like great blue heron indigo bunting eastern kingbird wood duck and red-tailed hawk to see.

The Fens has some old stuff to see  like a Japanese Temple Bell from 1675, a stone building called the “Duck House” from 1897, a gate called the Westland Gate from 1905 and a Fire Alarm Office from 1925.

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