Explore Famous Public State Parks in Washington, DC

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Washington D.C. is famous for its incredible parks with more than 20 percent of the city set aside for State Parks in Washington, DC. Whether you’re here for work, a quick weekend trip or a family vacation  D.C.’s parks offer a nice break from the busy city life.National Mall is one of the well known parks of this city.It’s really simple to reach and there are plenty of amazing things to explore such as the awesome Smithsonian museums and the impressive Washington Monument. Moreover, the Tidal Basin nearby presents additional thrilling sights to relish.

And should your visit coincide with March you might just be fortunate to behold the breathtaking cherry blossoms in their complete splendor.Apart from the usual city parks, Washington D.C. has huge green areas like the National Arboretum where you’ll feel like you’re not even in the city anymore. And if you love animals you’ll have a blast at the Smithsonian National Zoological Park  and guess what.It’s free for everyone.With many choices deciding where to visit first can be difficult. Let our list of the top parks in Washington D.C and if you are going New York then must these best parks in NYC . help you find your starting spot.

Embark on a journey State Parks in Washington, DC

  • National Mall
  • Rock Creek Park
  • US National Arboretum
  • Constitution Gardens
  • Tidal Basin 
  • The Yards Park 

National Mall Park in Washington,DC

Public State Parks in Washington, DC-
National Mall Park in Washington,DC

You could totally spend a big chunk of your day exploring the National Mall  which is like the superstar of parks in Washington D.C. It’s where you’ll find all those famous monuments everyone talks about.

If you’re in a rush don’t miss the western end by the Lincoln Memorial. It’s the best place to really take in the Washington Monument and Reflecting Pool plus all the pretty trees and flowers around.

Once you’re done checking out the Korean War Veterans Memorial near the pool make your way to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial on the other side. Then head east through Kingscott Meadow and past the pond in Constitution Gardens.At the end of the Reflecting Pool you’ll spot the World War II Memorial. It has these serious columns around a fountain. Then there’s the German-American Friendship Garden near the tall Washington Monument. And up north you’ll see the White House and its fancy gardens including the Ellipse.Some cool places to check out around the Mall include the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum the Freer Gallery of Art the Arthur M. Sackler Gallery, a bunch of awesome gardens and the U.S. Botanic Garden Conservatory.

Rock Creek Park

Rock Creek Park wasignton dc

This big 1700-acre park was created back in 1890. It’s got these calm shady trails that take you away from all the busy city stuff and into a peaceful quiet place.The park is named after the creek that winds through it and there are tons of fun things to do here!The main visitor centre called the Rock Creek Park Nature Center and Planetarium  is right in the middle of the park. It’s got cool exhibits, stuff for kids, info about hiking  and even shows at the planetarium!There’s a bunch of fun things to do here apart from strolling on the nature paths – lots of them are perfect for biking too!You’ve got options to play golf, tennis or even go horseback riding at the equestrian centre

There are soccer fields too loads of places to have a picnic and various trails suitable for everyone – including a smooth paved one that’s great for wheelchairs.Some cool spots to check out include the pretty Boulder Bridge the Mountain View Overlook and Peirce Mill which is an old grist mill that still works and was built a long time ago in the 19th century.

US National Arboretum

Famous Public State Parks in Washington, DC

The U.S. National Arboretum in northeast Washington D.C. is really big and has lots of different flowers and trees. If you go there in late April you’ll see a ton of beautiful colours on the Glenn Dale Azalea Hillside.It’s like a rainbow with tens of thousands of blossoms covering the hills of Mount Hamilton.In the Asian Collections  there are plants blooming all year long especially camellias from fall to early spring. The collection covers 13 acres and has different themed areas like Chinese Valley, Korean Hillside  and Japanese Woodland.

There are trees of all sizes here with the smallest ones at the National Bonsai & Penjing Museum. The collection started with 53 trees from Japan and now has over 300 carefully chosen specimens.Outside  there’s the Grove of State Trees with groups of trees from all 50 states and even the District of Columbia. And check out the Gotelli Conifer Collection for lots of different evergreens. 

The Arboretum also has the National Boxwood Collection with over 180 types, a collection of dogwood trees and a beautiful fern valley. The Arboretum has lots of gardens with old-fashioned roses, plants that come back every year, flowers that bloom just for a season, herbs and wildflowers.  Another cool spot is the Washington Youth Garden where children and families can plant and harvest food while discovering all about gardening, eating healthily  and different plants. One cool thing to see there is the National Capitol Columns. These are big stone columns that used to hold up part of the Capitol Building’s roof but they were replaced with stronger ones a long time ago.

Constitution Gardens

Constitution Gardens

You can not go D.C. without stopping by the Smithsonian National Zoological Park, a totally free place to go that’s fun stuff for everyone, especially families.

The zoo’s located in Woodley Park not far from Rock Creek Park. It is really big, covering 163 acres  and it’s got 2,700 animals from 390 different kinds. The National Zoo is well known for its incredible giant panda breeding program. These adorable pandas are full of attractions on the Asia Trail where you can also spot other cool animals like red pandas, clouded leopards and sloth bears.Don’t forget to look for the Elephant Trail! It’s where five Asian elephants live and have lots of room to walk, play, and splash around.Don’t miss the Great Cats exhibit where you can see African lions and Sumatran tigers. Even though the park doesn’t cost anything to visit, you’ll still need to grab an entry pass online before you go. Just make sure to reserve it at least four weeks ahead of time to secure your spot.

Tidal Basin

Famous Public State Parks in Washington, DC,Tidal Basin

The Tidal Basin is a special pool made by the Potomac River when the tide goes up, and then it empties into the Washington Channel when the tide goes down. This helps keep the channel clear for ships by flushing out the sediment. While the engineering behind it is really interesting  the main reason people visit isn’t the basin itself but all the cool stuff nearby. It’s especially popular during the National Cherry Blossom Festival.The Tidal Basin Loop Trail is like a big circle around the water and it starts and finishes at the southern part of the National Mall near the Washington Monument.

You’ll start your walk at the Japanese Lantern, a super old lantern made of stone that was a gift from the Mayor of Tokyo. Right beside it is where they planted the very first cherry trees in 1912 which later became a famous symbol of Washington D.C.. It’s a beautiful area with a scenic loop trail, cherry blossom trees and iconic landmarks.There are a lot of activities for visitors to have fun like walking or jogging along the Tidal Basin loop trail. If you’re looking for a relaxing way to spend time with family and friends because this spot is fantastic for enjoyment.

The Yards Park

The Yards Park

At The Yards Park in Washington DC you’ll see a beautiful waterfront spot with a boardwalk bridge  and cool water features. There’s lots of green space to chill out and enjoy the views. The park is always buzzing with events and live shows. You can even join yoga classes or try out other fun stuff here. And don’t forget about the dancing fountains at the entrance  they’re super fun to splash around in when it’s this park there is no shortage of fun activities to enjoy.You can start your day with a leisurely walk along the boardwalk taking in the serene waterfront views. After your stroll you can find a comfy spot near the water features to chill and unwind. It’s the perfect place to have a picnic with your loved ones in the nearby green areas.

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