Things to do in Mobile Alabama Make your Trip Perfect

Things to do in Mobile Alabama

Upon reaching Mobile on the southern Gulf Coast of Alabama an immediate sensation of tranquillity and sophistication enveloped me.It contrasted markedly with the lively ambiance of Birmingham and Montgomery my prior stops on the Deep South Road Trip.  Despite my brief stay of only a couple of days Mobile Alabama offered an array of captivating experiences the best Things to do in Mobile Alabama.Strolling along Dauphin Street adorned with charming wrought iron balconies. I delved into the vibrant carnival culture of this Southern gem.Mobile boasts being the birthplace of Mardi Gras, a tradition it holds dear. Throughout the 18th century this city witnessed colonisation and conflicts involving the French British and Spanish powers.

Today, Mobile is a diverse blend of cultures reflecting strong Creole influences dating back to its connection with the French colony of Louisiana.Keep reading for my suggestions on the top activities to enjoy in Mobile Alabama.

Let’s Discover Things to do in Mobile Alabama

  • Attend the Mardi Gras festival
  • Mobile Carnival Museum
  • Mobile Bay
  • Bellingrath Gardens and Home
  • History Museum of Mobile
  • Wintzell’s Oyster House
  • Gulf Coast Exploreum Science Center

Attend the Mardi Gras festival

Attend the Mardi Gras festival-Things to do in Mobile Alabama

Every year Mardi Gras which means Fat Tuesday in French comes the day before Ash Wednesday and marks the end of the fun-filled weeks of Carnival.The first Mardi Gras party in North America was near New Orleans in 1699. Mobile had its first Mardi Gras celebration a bit later starting what’s now the oldest Carnival in the U.S.In Mobile the fun starts about two and a half weeks before Fat Tuesday usually in February or early March.Get there early to get a good spot downtown for the parade and see all the colourful floats. Keep an eye out for Moon Pies and beads that people throw to the crowd.People who visit say Mobile’s Mardi Gras is really fun and great for families especially if you’ve never been to one before. It’s more intimate than big Mardi Gras parties in places like New Orleans.

Mobile Carnival Museum

Mobile Carnival Museum-Things to do in Mobile Alabama

Whether you’re in Mobile for Mardi Gras or not don’t miss the Mobile Carnival Museum.It’s a cool place to learn about one of the oldest parties in the U.S.You can see how people in Mobile make their costumes and floats  look at old pictures from long ago and check out neat things like crowns and robes from past Mardi Gras kings and queens.You can even take a picture pretending to be royalty. People who’ve been there say the museum takes good care of everything and suggest talking to the staff to learn more about Mardi Gras history.

Mobile Bay

Mobile Bay-Things to do in Mobile Alabama

During the Civil War Mobile Bay was an important port for the Confederacy..Its fall was a major victory for the Union. Today the Bay is shallow the average depth is just 10 feet and offers lots of things to do for families.Renting a Kayak paddleboard  or canoe for a leisurely exploration of its water.Some outfitters even offer guided tours and themed cruises  including sunset voyages brunch excursions and thrilling murder mystery adventures. Mobile Bay also has over 30 miles of sandy beaches where you can play and relax. For those craving the best beaches in Alabama a ferry ride or drive to Dauphin Island is highly recommended. Visitors rave about the bay’s stunning vistas particularly during the magical moments of sunset.

Bellingrath Gardens and Home

Bellingrath Gardens and Home-Things to do in Mobile Alabama

Nestled approximately 25 miles south of Mobile, ensconced within the quaint confines of Theodore  lies the expansive wonderland of Bellingrath Gardens and Home sprawling across 65 acres of verdant beauty. This opulent estate plays host to a myriad of attractions including an exquisite conservatory, an enchanting Asian American garden, a fragrant rose garden, a serene bayou and a picturesque boardwalk to name but a few. Immerse yourself in history with a visit to the storied Bellingrath Museum Home once the cherished abode of the illustrious Walter and Bessie Bellingrath until 1934. For families with children in tow educational delights await with the availability of several informative children’s guides scattered throughout the gardens, offering captivating insights into the world of bees, butterflies, avifauna, geography, botanical wonders and beyond. Keep the young ones engaged and entertained with a delightful array of scavenger hunts. Past patrons attest to the enduring allure of the gardens  recommending a guided exploration of the home albeit acknowledging the possibility of occasional crowding.

History Museum of Mobile

History Museum of Mobile-Things to do in Mobile Alabama

Constructed back in the year 1855, this establishment initially served as a hub for the bustling city marketplace and a hub for several governmental entities within the city. Today the History Museum of Mobile  designed in the elegant Italianate architectural style, houses a vast collection exceeding 117,000 artefacts sourced from the urban centre and its surrounding areas. Within its walls visitors are invited to embark on a journey through the annals of Mobile’s rich heritage commencing with its earliest Indigenous inhabitants and spanning through pivotal eras encompassing the dark shadow of slavery  the fervent struggle for civil rights and beyond.

Anchoring the museum’s offerings are striking exhibits such as an authentic cannon originating from the storied Confederate ship CSS Alabama a splendid gallery showcasing the refined aspects of Southern culture featuring exquisite porcelain delicate crystal and masterful artwork as well as a captivating display of meticulously crafted miniature abodes among an array of other captivating showcases. Additionally the museum regularly hosts rotating exhibitions ensuring a dynamic and ever-evolving experience that warrants multiple visits especially for those with an extended stay in Mobile. Visitors’ testimonials laud the museum’s remarkable portrayal of the city’s historical tapestry despite the confines of its relatively compact space

Wintzell’s Oyster House

Wintzell's Oyster House-Things to do in Mobile Alabama

Back in 1938, Wintzell’s Oyster House embarked on its epicurean odyssey with naught but a modest oyster bar boasting a scant six stools.Now after more than 80 years have passed this esteemed establishment has firmly cemented its place in the history of the Gulf Coast  leaving an indelible mark on both downtown and west Mobile with its culinary excellence.The menu pays homage to the sea with a diverse selection of oceanic delicacies  intermingled with cherished Southern comfort classics.For individuals looking to escape the hustle and bustle  Wintzell’s provides delectable family-style meals for convenient takeout.Food experts praise Wintzell’s as a must-visit for seafood lovers especially those who adore fresh oysters.Yet beyond its culinary prowess the restaurant’s ambiance exudes an irresistible charm complemented by the impeccable service of its attentive staff.

Gulf Coast Exploreum Science Center

Gulf Coast Exploreum Science Center-Things to do in Mobile Alabama

Nested within the esteemed confines of the venerable Bragg-Mitchell Mansion estate lies the Gulf Coast Exploreum Science Center, a veritable haven of captivating displays poised to ignite the flames of inquisition and innovation within its esteemed patrons. Explore permanent and temporary displays  and enjoy dome theatre screenings on topics like ancient caves and wildlife. The centre also features hands-on exhibits and science demonstrations in the Science Squad Headquarters. While ideal for families with kids  some exhibits may occasionally be out of order according to past visitors.

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