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Best Things to Do in Birmingham Al Plan a perfect trip

Let's Explore things to do in  Birmingham

Alabama’s biggest city has lots of history from the Civil War and has a lot of places to see and Things to do in Birmingham AL. It’s interesting and kind of sad to see. It’s different from other cities in the South. Birmingham used to have some problems, but now it’s becoming a popular place for tourists again. They call it the Magic City because it’s so cool. People who have been to Birmingham or live there know it’s a fun place with lots of cool stuff to do. You can watch sports, museums, parks, theatres and even mountains nearby. Birmingham has way more to offer than you might expect. In addition to all that, Birmingham also has cool motorcycle collections huge statues fun rooftop bars, and underground breweries. It’s a place you don’t want to miss.

Birmingham isn’t just a place with old stories; it’s a lively mix of culture and charm just waiting to be explored. Also if you are looking for the best places to stay in Alabama click here.

Let’s Explore Things to do in Birmingham Al

  • Marvel at the Birmingham Museum of Art
  • Explore the McWane Science Center
  • Birmingham Railroad Park
  • Birmingham Botanical Gardens
  • Red Mountain Park
  • Visit the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute
  •  Watch a show at the Alabama Theatre

Marvel at the Birmingham Museum of Art

Marvel at the Birmingham Museum of Art-Things to do in Birmingham Al

Despite being small, this art museum has a diverse collection of art from Asia, Europe Native America, and Africa. It also has one of the best collections of Wedgwood pottery in the country. It has the most Wedgwood outside of England. People who visited the museum liked the big collection of Wedgwood pottery, European art from Samuel Kress, and Remington’s stuff. They also liked that it’s free to get in and park and they enjoyed the restaurant and gift shop. However, some people said the outdoor art area looked messy and needed attention.

You can find the museum in downtown Birmingham. There’s free parking behind the building but you have to get your ticket stamped at the museum.

Explore the McWane Science Center

Explore the McWane Science Center-Things to do in Birmingham Al

Kinds of all ages enjoy and have fun in the Mcwane Science Center. The center is a big part of making downtown Birmingham better. It’s in the old Loveman’s department store building, which is pretty cool. At the center. There are fun things to do like checking out the weather in the Fox 6 Weather Lab, riding a bike on a high wire to learn about gravity, playing in the Itty Bitty Magic City, and touching sharks and rays in the Shark and Ray Touch Tank.  They also have a big movie theatre called Imax.

Parents and grandparents think McWane is a really fun place to spend a day with the kids. They like that it’s good for all ages. Families that visited said they could buy Imax theatre tickets separately and that there’s food at the place. 

Birmingham Railroad Park

Birmingham Railroad Park-Things to do in Birmingham Al

The Railroad Park Foundation has a large 19-acre space that people call Birmingham’s Living Room. It’s like a beautiful park with walking paths, a lake where you can have a picnic and really pretty sunsets. The park features lake trails for jogging places for skating, an outdoor gym playground, and a part of 17th Street Plaza. If you want more than just walking or biking, you’ll like that the Foundation has lots of classes like exercise groups. They also have a playground, outdoor gym, and a climbing dome for kids. People who visited recently said this place is super nice with lots of green areas. Parents also mentioned that their kids had a blast watching trains pass by at the nearby railroad yard.

Birmingham Botanical Gardens

Watch a show at the Alabama Theatre-Things to do in Birmingham Al

Make sure to visit the botanical gardens when you’re exploring Birmingham. These beautiful gardens cover over 65 acres and have lots of different plants. There are 30 gardens with different themes like collections, nature, and culture. They also have the only public library for plants in the US.  They offer programs and workshops for kids and adults and the Bruno Vegetable Garden gives food to people who need it in Birmingham. You can take a stroll or go for a run on the paths in the gardens, which are great for unwinding and having a good time.

People who visited mentioned that this garden is a very enjoyable and cheap way to spend time outdoors. They were impressed seeing lots of different birds and the different areas, like Japanese gardens and forests. Everyone agreed that the place is kept nice and they liked that there’s a restaurant, plenty of places to sit outside, and a gift shop. 

Red Mountain Park

Red Mountain Park-Things to do in Birmingham Al

Red Mountain Park is a cool place with something for everyone. It used to be a place where miners worked to get iron ore from the red dirt. There are two spots where you can see the view, three treehouses, a place for dogs to run around without a leash, and lots of fun activities like zip-lining, climbing, and a ropes course. Lots of people enjoyed the zipline and ropes courses.

Take in beautiful views from two spots where you can see the whole park and check out cool tree houses spread out in the park. Keep an eye out for birds and wildlife as you explore and don’t miss out on participating in park events and programs for even more fun and adventure.

Visit the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute

Visit the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute-Things to do in Birmingham Al

The Civil Rights Institute connected to the Smithsonian Museum tells the story of how Birmingham fought for civil rights in the 1950s and 1960s. It also shows that how people everywhere keep fighting for fairness and human rights. If you want to know more about Birmingham’s part in the civil rights movement, visit the Civil Rights District. It’s a little part of downtown Birmingham with many significant places to visit like the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute, the 16th Street Baptist Church, Kelly Ingram Park, the A.G. Gaston Gardens, and the Fourth Avenue Business District. Kelly Ingram Park is a really important place where important civil rights events happened in the 1960s, like the Children’s Crusade. You can walk around the park and learn about the people who protested and the important things that happened during this time.

Watch a show at the Alabama Theatre

Watch a show at the Alabama Theatre-Things to do in Birmingham Al

The Alabama Theatre was built in 1927 with its grand auditorium and stylish Art Deco design as a fancy movie theatre for rich people. Today visitors can still enjoy that same luxury and explore its rich history by attending one of their events or shows. At the Alabama Theatre, there are various activities to enjoy. The theatre has great shows like The Phantom and also has symphony orchestras and operas sometimes. Additionally, the theatre hosts special events and movie screenings for entertainment. Don’t forget to admire the beautiful Art Deco architecture while exploring the venue.

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