Best 9 Things to do in Montgomery Alabama


Montgomery  the capital city of Alabama  is a spot  of immense beauty with its own unique charm on visit experience we have chosen top Things to do in Montgomery . And it is designed with Attractive fusion of rich history, breathtaking natural landscapes and serving as a key player in shaping our nation’s growth.It was the capital of the Confederate States during the Civil War.Established in 1813 it’s a place with a vibrant culture.

It’s also where well known Civil Rights leaders like Martin Luther King Jr. and Rosa Parks started their activism in the 1950s and 1960s  sparking important changes in the South.Nature lovers will appreciate the natural beauty that surrounds Montgomery.Events and festivals throughout the year celebrate Montgomery’s diverse heritage and artistic expression  bringing the community together in joyous celebration.

Enjoy the traditional Southern dishes, fine Italian dining or flavorful Korean barbecue options.Take a casual stroll along its streets shaded by trees where old buildings stand as reminders of days gone by.

9 Essential things to do in Montgomery  Alabama 

  • Alabama state Capitol 
  • Tour the Majestic Caverns
  • Montgomery Zoo
  • See the Old Alabama Town
  • Montgomery Whitewater
  • Rosa parks Library and Museum
  • Dragon Boat Festival
  • Eastchase Shopping Mall
  • Civil Rights Memorial

Alabama state Capitol 

Alabama state Capitol -Things to do in Montgomery

After a fire tore through the original structure the Alabama State Capitol was rebuilt in 1850.Itis the place where the state’s big decisions are made and where lots of important things have happened in Alabama’s history.

Two really important times in the capitol’s history were when Jefferson Davis became the President of the Confederate States and when Martin Luther King Jr. gave his famous speech from the capitol’s steps.The Capitol building offers public tours and ranks among the top places to visit in Montgomery.At the Alabama State Capitol  you can take guided tours to learn about the state’s history and see important rooms like the Senate and House chambers.You can walk around the pretty gardens near the Capitol building. It’s a great spot for a relaxed walk or a picnic.

Plus, the Capitol holds special events and shows all year round. It’s a chance for visitors to connect with Alabama’s history and what’s happening now.

Tour the Majestic Caverns

Tour the Majestic Caverns-Things to do in Montgomery

Located about an hour away from Downtown Montgomery  Majestic Caverns is a top outdoor destination in Alabama. You can visit any day of the week.Majestic Caverns offers guided tours of cool stuff like the onyx room, a waterfall and a healing room. It’s a fun spot for families to explore together.Around the caverns there are paths to walk  places to have picnics and nice views to enjoy. 

Montgomery Zoo

Montgomery Zoo-Things to do in Montgomery

The beautiful  Montgomery Zoo has lots of animals, more than 800.There are 140 different types of animals here.It’s right in downtown Montgomery and covers a big area of 40 acres.This zoo is a  fantastic place for a fun day with families and friends. The zoo has animals from all over, like lions, giraffes  and colourful birds. Plus  there’s tons of fun stuff to do like feeding the fish and petting the animals. The zoo has really neat lawns, trees and bushes that make walking around super nice.

See the Old Alabama Town

See the Old Alabama Town-Things to do in Montgomery

The cool Old Alabama Town not far from downtown Montgomery  is like stepping back in time to see how people lived in the 1800s and 1900s in Montgomery.The landmark keeps the stories alive of the people who helped build central Alabama. 

You can visit and take tours on weekends.The landmark preserves and retells the lives of the men and women who were integral in building up central Alabama and is open to the public for tours over weekends.Comprising four city blocks in total  Old Alabama Town and its structures provide visitors with an unforgettable insight into 19th-century life in Alabama like no other venue in the state can

Montgomery Whitewater

Things to do in Montgomery

Montgomery Whitewater is near downtown Montgomery by the pretty Alabama River. It’s a big outdoor park about 120 acres in size  where you can go paddling. They have different activities for everyone whether you’re a beginner or more experienced.No matter if you’re new to whitewater or really good at it. Everyone can have a blast at Montgomery Whitewater.

Rosa parks Library and Museum

Rosa parks Library and Museum-Things to do in Montgomery

The expansive Rosa Parks Library and Museum is one of Alabama and the South’s most culturally significant landmarks retelling the historical impact of the infamous bus incident of 1955.The museum has lots of stuff to see about the Civil Rights movement in the South during the 1900s and how segregation affected people.The Rosa Parks Library and Museum is really fantastic spot for adults as well as for kids.

Dragon Boat Festival

Dragon Boat Festival-Things to do in Montgomery

Every June Montgomery holds its Dragon Boat Festival at Riverfront Park. More than 70 teams and lots of folks come to watch the races by the Alabama River. During the fun  groups wearing fancy clothes compete fiercely on colourful boats shaped like dragons  which have been around for over 2,000 years. The festival also features live music  tasty food stalls, cool art displays and lots more exciting stuff, making it a top spot to visit in Montgomery

Eastchase Shopping Mall

Eastchase Shopping Mall

Eastchase Shopping Mall  situated in Montgomery Alabama  buzzes with activity as a vibrant hub for retail therapy.It has lots of different stores from big clothing names to special little shops. You can find all kinds of places to shop like for clothes, home stuff, electronics and more.The mall has fun stuff for everyone, like movies, games and places to relax. So, you can have a great time shopping and doing fun things all day.Because it’s easy to get to, has lots of parking, and feels lively. Eastchase Shopping Mall is a top place for people who want to have a really good shopping day  whether they’re from around here or visiting.

Civil Rights Memorial

Civil Rights Memorial

At the Civil Rights Memorial visitors can pay tribute to those who fought for equal rights.It is located right next to the Civil Rights Memorial Center and this memorial features inspiring words from Martin Luther King Jr. etched onto a dark stone beneath the names of individuals who made sacrifices for justice.

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