9 Best Things to do in Fairhope Alabama 

Things to do in Fairhope Alabama 

Fairhope Alabama is a town with lots of stories from the past and is surrounded by lovely nature and things people have done.Fairhope Alabama used to be a hidden treasure for travellers down South  but now everybody knows about it and tourists love it and wanted to know top Things to do in Fairhope Alabama. 

Even though it’s growing fast it still feels like a small town and has a special charm. It’s always getting praised as one of the best small towns in the South by Southern Living magazine. And every season brings new adventures and things to enjoy here.

When you walk around the old streets or eat at a café  you’ll love Fairhope Alabama.Some things you should do anytime but there are also special events each season that are really cool. And there’s one amazing thing that only a few people get to do. 

Lets finds Things to do in Fairhope Alabama

  • Visit the Fairhope Pier
  • Bike around the City
  • Visit the French Quarter
  • Tour Tea Plantation 
  • Fairhope Museum of History
  • Listen to Music at Live at Five
  • Play at The Park
  • Historic Fairhope Clock
  • Taste of Fairhope Food Tour

Visit the Fairhope Pier

Visit the Fairhope Pier-Things to do in Fairhope Alabama

Many people really like the Fairhope Pier in Fairhope Alabama. You can see pretty views of Mobile Bay,go fishing, eat and have useful facilities there. The pier is super long, stretching out 1,448 feet into Mobile Bay  giving you an amazing view all around.The Fairhope Pier is at the west end of Fairhope Avenue. It used to be an old pier for businesses in 1894.

But after Hurricane Katrina  it got damaged. They fixed it and opened it again in 2006.The Fairhope Pier in Fairhope Alabama has lots of fun stuff for people to see.There’s a big fountain, a calm pond with ducks and a pretty garden with roses. You can also park your boat and fill it up with gas at the marina close by.People are really excited for the Blind Tiger restaurant to open on the pier.There are benches, shady spots and bathrooms where visitors can chill out and enjoy the view.So You really need to take a walk on this beautiful pier when you’re in Fairhope.

Bike around the City

Bike around the City-Things to do in Fairhope Alabama

You can walk around downtown Fairhope easily But if you want something extra fun you can rent a bike or bring yours. Biking on the scenic route is fantastic  with moss-covered trees and stunning Mobile Bay views.It’s a refreshing escape from a hectic day letting you soak in nature’s beauty. Enjoy the peaceful bike ride seeing the pretty nature and calm water. And don’t forget to stop and snap some photos to capture the magic of your bike ride adventure.

Visit the French Quarter

Visit the French Quarter-Things to do in Fairhope Alabama

In Fairhope, there’s a special place called the French Quarter.It’s a cozy section with its own unique charm. It has a pretty courtyard complete with a lovely fountain where you can relax and enjoy the atmosphere. The French Quarter also has some extra shops to explore offering everything from souvenirs to handmade crafts.If you’re hungry  you gotta try Panini Pete’s! They make yummy treats like beignets and the famous muffaletta sandwich. It’s a really cool place in Fairhope that you should check out. 

Tour Tea Plantation 

Tour Tea Plantation 

The Fairhope Tea Plantation has been growing tea for 40 years.An it’s one of the oldest and largest tea farms in the United States.They have over 61,000 tea bushes with lots of different kinds of tea.The story started when Donnie Barrett found three tea plants in a burnt pile from an old Lipton experiment.Using his plant-growing skills  Barrett took care of these tea plants and grew more on his own land.Donnie Barrett practised making tea and taking care of plants to get really good at it. He learned how to make different kinds of tea like green, black, oolong  and white.At Fairhope Tea Plantation they make tea that people really love. 

You can buy it online or at nearby markets. Each cup of their tea tastes special because it comes from Alabama’s unique soil and weather. This plantation shows how one person’s love for tea can create something amazing for everyone to enjoy. And it’s cool how the tea plants can grow well in different places and make lots of different kinds of tea.

Fairhope Museum of History

Fairhope Museum of History

The Fairhope Museum of History has interesting stuff about the city’s past.If you are curious to know about the founding of the city, the people who first lived here or important things that happened in the past the museum has stuff for you. It’s free to go in  so it is best for a rainy day. You can stroll around by yourself or with a guide who knows a lot. It’s a nice thing to do  especially if you’re new to Fairhope.

Listen to Music at Live at Five

Listen to Music at Live at Five

At Live at Five  you can hear live music played by local musicians.In the evening there’s a cool event where you can have fun with your friends or family. You can enjoy the music and eat  delicious snacks from food trucks. It is a great way to spend a Friday night in the city.

Play at The Park

Play at The Park

If you’re bringing kids to Fairhope, go to Fairhope Community Park. It is a largest park with entertaining stuff for little and big kids.The park also has open grassy areas where kids can run and play games You can find swings, slides, climbing stuff  and a pirate splash pad to play in when it’s hot.It’s a super fun place to be  especially in the summer.

Historic Fairhope Clock

Historic Fairhope Clock

The Historic Fairhope Clock is a unique sight in downtown Fairhope.It’s not just any clock it is significant to the town’s history.The clock looks really nice  especially when it’s all dressed up with seasonal decorations and flowers around it. It’s at the centre of town  and people enjoy being around it taking pictures  and admiring the pretty views.But the Historic Fairhope Clock is more than just a timekeeper. It represents how much the town loves its unique character and past. It’s a symbol of unity and a special part of Fairhope’s lovely scenery.

The clock was put up in 1987 by a group called the Fairhope Single Tax Corporation. They take care of land in Fairhope. It looks like an old street clock from the 1800s and was made by a company in Boston called the E. Howard Clock Company.

Taste of Fairhope Food Tour

Taste of Fairhope Food Tour

The Taste of Fairhope Food Tour in Fairhope  Alabama  is a fun walk where you try tasty food and see neat stuff in town. You can choose between the Fairhope Foodie Tour or the Fairhope Happy Hour Cocktail Crawl. Nice guides will show you around  telling you about the town and the best places to eat and drink. You’ll try lots of different foods and drinks  and you can book your tour online or by phone. The tours last 2 to 3 hours  rain or shine. You can find more info on their website or Facebook. It’s really fun to explore Fairhope and try its yummy food.

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