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Best 8 Things to Do in California on Holidays

Things  to do in California

California has lots of different landscapes. There are sunny beaches by the ocean and big forests with tall redwood trees up north. California is an amazing place with lots of cool Things to do also always has nice weather and many cool places to visit. It’s like that friend who always knows what you like. 

If you’re up for admiring awesome art, treating yourself to mouthwatering food or simply relaxing by the beach, California is the place to be. California also boasts several regions known for their fantastic wine, luxurious hotels in California and of course, the glitz and glamour of Hollywood. 

Apart from its pretty nature, California has lively cities like San Diego known for its awesome zoo and lovely parks and Things to do in California and it is famous for its big red bridge and streets full of colourful old-fashioned houses.

Let’s Explore the Top Things to do in California

  • Laguna Beach
  • San Francisco
  • Explore the Desert
  • Take the Family to the Exploratorium
  • Japanese tea garden
  • Ferry building MarketPlace
  • Death Valley National Park 
  • picture in front of the Painted Ladies

Laguna Beach

Laguna Beach-Things to do in California

If you want to explore a cosy Southern California town Laguna Beach is the spot for you. It’s right between Los Angeles and San Diego along the coast near Route 1. Laguna Beach is like a picture with its beautiful parks by the ocean and lovely beaches tucked between the cliffs along the coast. Don’t miss out on the cool cove beaches like Victoria Beach and Crescent Bay Beach along with bigger ones like Crystal Cove State Park which everyone loves for being so pretty between Laguna Beach and Corona del Mar.

In Laguna Beach, you can stay in fancy places like The Ranch at Laguna Beach or the super-loved five-star Montage at Laguna Beach. In Laguna Beach, you can enjoy outdoor stuff like biking, skimboarding and hiking. Parking might be tough in summer and on holidays but there’s a free trolley that goes along the coast.

San Francisco

San Francisco-Things to do in California

You gotta visit San Francisco when you’re in California. It’s unique in many ways with its beautiful bay views steep hills and rows of colourful Victorian houses. It’s like a treat for your eyes and if you thought that was all  San Francisco also has some famous spots to check out and is known as one of the top cities for food lovers in the U.S. 

While you’re here make sure to check out must-see spots like the Golden Gate Bridge and Chinatown. And if you love the outdoors there are awesome outdoor places like Land’s End and Muir Woods National Monument in the Golden Gate National Recreation Area. When it’s time to rest you can pick from lots of fancy hotels like Ritz-Carlton Four Seasons and St. Regis. 

Explore the Desert

Explore the Desert-Things to do in California

To really see California’s different kinds of land you should go explore the desert beyond the coast. Lucky for you there are two awesome desserts less than three hours from Los Angeles and San Diego. Joshua Tree National Park about 130 miles from Los Angeles is a huge place with lots of cool Joshua trees found only in this part of the U.S.

Then there’s Anza-Borrego Desert State Park around 85 miles from San Diego. It’s California’s biggest state park and has amazing views like narrow canyons and palm-filled spots. Both parks have great trails to hike and places to camp. It’s a good idea to plan a trip for a few days so you can explore everything. In Joshua Tree, people like the 3-mile Ryan Mountain trail and the 1.7-mile Skull Rock loop trail. In Anza-Borrego enjoy the Pictograph and Slot trails. Visit in spring or fall to avoid extreme summer heat.

Take the Family to the Exploratorium

Things to do in California

The Exploratorium at Pier 15 is an awesome science museum! It is not like any other museum, it’s like a fun house full of science stuff. Kids and adults can have fun together while learning and trying out cool experiments. At the Exploratorium there are six big zones full of awesome stuff to check out. They have lots of exhibits about cool topics like how our bodies work and why music sounds the way it does. You can also find out about art and how people look at things in their way. It’s a fun place where you can play, learn and let your imagination go wild. 

Japanese Tea garden

Japanese Tea garden-Things to do in California

The Japanese Tea Garden in Golden Gate Park is a peaceful spot away from the noisy city. It’s not only beautiful but also one of San Francisco’s favourite cultural places. It has ponds with colourful fish, pagodas and a tea house where you can enjoy matcha green tea just like in Japan.

As you walk along the curved paths you can see the carefully trimmed gardens and find secret spots with pretty flowers and calm water areas.

Ferry Building Marketplace

Ferry building Marketplace-Things to do in California

The Ferry Building Marketplace is a place in California where you can find lots of shops and food stalls. This Marketplace is not just a place to shop and eat it’s also an awesome building with incredible architecture. If you love sweets make sure to add the Ferry Building Marketplace to your list of things to do in California. The indoor market is by the bay and has a big clock tower.

You can see the Bay Bridge from there. Inside you’ll find yummy food to try. so It’s a wonderful spot to spend some time exploring trying new foods and taking in the sights and sounds of the city.

Death Valley National Park 

Death valley national Park | Things to Do in California 

Death Valley National Park is really special, known for being one of the hottest places in the world. If you visit you will see lovely desert views like dunes you can stroll on and colourful mountains along a road called Artists Drive. You can see amazing sunsets and lots of stars at night. It’s a unique and fascinating place to visit in California. There’s also a place called the Racetrack where rocks move on their own. If you want to stay in the park there are places to camp or stay in a hotel like The Oasis at Death Valley. In Death Valley, there are limited options for food points within the park. Visitors can find dining options at places like Furnace Creek, Stovepipe Wells and Panamint Springs. 

Picture in front of the Painted Ladies

Picture in front of the Painted Ladies | Things to Do in California

Look at the pretty row of houses called the Painted Ladies. They’re old-fashioned and colourful. You can see them with the modern city buildings behind them all in one view. Go to the park across from the fancy houses Alamo Square Park and have a picnic. You can see the Painted Ladies from there which are famous and have been in lots of TV shows and movies. It’s a popular spot for visitors to see in San Francisco

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