8 Top Things to do in Downey California

things to do in downey california

If you seek a lively spot with loads of Things to do in Downey California is where it’s happening.This bustling city right in the middle of Southern California has lots of cool places to check out and fun stuff to do.

Here folks can stroll through beautiful hiking trails taking in the lovely views around. And don’t forget about the city’s great spots for shopping and dining offering all kinds of tasty foods and shopping choices.In Downey  a town inside Los Angeles County  about 110,000 people.

It’s right in the middle of lots of other towns in the county.t’s pretty much the middle between downtown LA up top Long Beach down below and the Pacific Ocean and Inland Empire on the sides.

Make sure you don’t overlook these fun activities and must-see places in the city. Put them on your list and enjoy your time in Downey to the fullest.

Let’s Explore Best things to do in Downey California

  • Downey Theater
  • Maui Sushi & Teriyaki
  • 3rd Street Coffee
  • Downey International Food and Music Festival
  • Columbia Memorial Space Center
  • Dia de los Muertos  Art Festival
  • The Getty Center
  • Play at Furman Park

Downey Theater

Downey Theater-Things to do in Downey California

The Downey Theatre is like a cultural hotspot right in the middle of Downey California.Sometimes people forget about the theatres nearby when they’re busy visiting famous places like beaches Hollywood stuff and parks in California.It’s been a top spot for live shows in the city for many years.The theatre team organises many shows throughout the year including old-timey classics  funny plays for kids, modern hits and musicals.Since most of the folks performing making and helping out on stage are from around here catching a show or two while you’re in town is a nice way to help out the community.

Maui Sushi & Teriyaki

Maui Sushi & Teriyaki-Things to do in Downey California

In Southern California there are lots of different cultures and people from all over the world. If you like trying food from different countries in real restaurants when you’re on vacation LA and Downey are awesome places to do that.Even though the idea of eating raw fish with rice might not sound great to some people sushi’s gentle but tasty flavours often convince even the pickiest eaters to give it a shot.Maui Sushi & Teriyaki is on Lakewood Boulevard in Downey. They’ve got lots of Japanese food like sushi, sashimi, rolls and soup on their menu.

People who’ve been there before say the restaurant gives you plenty of food and the staff pays good attention to you.

3rd Street Coffee

3rd Street Coffee-Things to do in Downey California

3rd Street Downey is a lively spot right in the middle of the city famous for its exciting vibe and lots of different shops and places to eat.For over twenty years 3rd Street Coffee in Downey has been attracting lots of customers both new and old  with their yummy food and lots of different hot and cold drinks they make by hand.3rd Street isn’t just any old coffee shop with pastries. They’re famous for their delicious food especially their yummy chicken breast Panini sandwiches that often run out before lunchtime is done.In addition to the regular cappuccinos, frappuccinos and mochas they also serve up Thai and boba teas plus a variety of fresh juices and smoothies.

Downey International Food and Music Festival

Downey International Food and Music Festival-Things to do in Downey California

The Downey International Food and Music Festival is a big yearly event that everyone looks forward to. It happens in Downtown Downey and brings together people who love food  families  and folks from the community. Everyone comes to try food from all over the world and listen to music.At the festival there are many food stands with yummy foods from different countries. You can try Mexican tacos, Korean BBQ Indian curries  and Italian pasta. Everyone can explore something delicious to eat. At the Downey International Food and Music Festival there’s lots of tasty food and fun activities to do.Families can enjoy music and shows  while kids can have a great time with face painting and games.  

Columbia Memorial Space Center

Columbia Memorial Space Center-Things to do in Downey California

In Southern California, universities, labs  and aerospace companies have always been big parts of exploring space.The Columbia Memorial Space Center is in Downey on Columbia Way. It’s all about keeping the city’s history alive, especially about the shuttle program. Some parts of the Apollo spacecraft and Columbia Shuttle were made here. Sadly, the Columbia Shuttle exploded when it launched many years ago and the seven crew members died.

Lots of people both young and old really like the Columbia Memorial Space Center. It’s a place where you can learn a lot and feel a lot too.

Dia de los Muertos Art Festival

Dia de los Muertos Art Festival-Things to do in Downey California

Dia de los Muertos art festival is a Mexican tradition where families remember their loved ones who passed away. They use special customs and symbols which might seem spooky if you don’t know them. But it’s actually a celebration of life.There’s awesome art, tasty food, fun activities and live shows to enjoy.For eight years now the city has been putting on its Dia de los Muertos Art Festival. It’s organised by the local government and other groups and it happens outside in downtown Downey.

The Getty Center

The Getty Center-Things to do in Downey California

The Getty family is well known for being really rich and powerful.For a while John Paul Getty was the wealthiest person in America. The Getty Center was constructed using funds from the family’s charitable foundation.It has some of the best art in the country like paintings by famous artists like Van Gogh and Cézanne.The Getty Center has modern art too like photos and sculptures. It’s up on a hill so you can see all of LA’s skyline and other cool stuff on clear days.

Play at Furman Park

Play at Furman Park-Things to do in Downey California

Furman Park nestled in the heart of Downey  California is another awesome park for families to have fun.With its sprawling green places and well-maintained facilities this park offers something for everyone.Furman Park isn’t just for playing it’s best spot for picnics and relaxing walks too.There are playgrounds, fields for sports and plenty of room for picnics and games. Families can lay out a blanket on the grass and have a yummy meal together in the peaceful park.

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