The best 9 Things to do in Norwalk California

Things To Do In Norwalk California

Once upon a time Norwalk began as the homeland of the Shoshonean Native American tribe.As years passed it grew thanks to its spot along the El Camino Real Trail earning the name North Walk. Norwalk is a sunny place in Los Angeles County California.It’s where around 104,000 friendly faces live and enjoy the sunshine together.As Norwalk is mostly a cosy spot but if you are around  it’s a fantastic spot to soak up the outdoors and admire the beautiful scenery in this article I will share my best experience and share my best Things to do in Norwalk California.

Norwalk  California is a beautiful place with lots of parks and peaceful spots to relax away from the busy city and there are alot of best Things to do in Norwalk California.You will see pretty landscapes everywhere full of green trees and colourful flowers that bloom all year round.It’s a calm and lovely escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Best Things to do in Norwalk California

  • Aquatic Pavilion
  • Norwalk Park
  • Robert White Park
  • Hargitt House
  • Norwalk Arts and Sports Complex
  • Discovery cube
  • Norwalk skatePark
  • Norwalk All city Youth Band
  • Mary Paxon Art Gallery
  • Norwalk Golf centre

Aquatic Pavilion

Aquatic Pavilion-Things to do in Norwalk California

The Aquatic Pavilion in Norwalk is awesome for swimming and having water fun. It’s where you can splash around and play with your friends and family. You can relax or exercise in the outdoor pool. There are also classes to learn swimming and everyone can join whether you’re from here or just visiting. 

It is an amazing spot to have fun with family and friends. This place is perfect for a cool day out  especially when it’s hot in the summer. You can swim and then grab a snack from the snack bars or cafes here.

Norwalk Park

Norwalk Park-Things to do in Norwalk California

Norwalk Park is the main park in the city and is loved by basketball fans because it has a big court in the middle.Whenever you visit  you can either play or watch a game here.And if you’re up for something calmer Norwalk Park offers plenty of other enjoyable activities to try out.There are playgrounds for kids to play and picnic spots for the whole family to have fun together.This park is completely a hub of outdoor fun You can also find walking trails for leisurely strolls  open green spaces for picnics or playing frisbee  and even designated areas for barbecues. 

Plus the park often hosts community events like concerts or festivals  adding to its vibrant atmosphere. 

Robert White Park

Robert White Park-Things to do in Norwalk California

Robert White Park is a much loved spot in Norwalk because it has everything you need when you visit.The park is famous for its big playground  perfect for everyone  and its basketball courts if you want to play or watch a game.

This park also offers events  include community gatherings  family picnics  sports tournaments  outdoor concerts and seasonal festivals.If you want to go camping while you’re in town  there’s a campsite on the outskirts of the park where you can stay.overall this park is wonderfully beautiful with its lush greenery  colourful flowers and serene atmosphere. It’s a charming place to relax and enjoy nature’s beauty.

Hargitt House

Hargitt House-Things to do in Norwalk California

The Hargitt House, looked after by the Historical Society, is open to the public a few times every month. It’s a really special place in Norwalk with really old-fashioned buildings.The house was built way back in 1891 and it’s designed like the fancy Victorian style.If you’re interested in learning about Norwalk’s past this is the perfect place to visit and see how things were in the old days.

The Hargitt House looks pretty much the same as when the Hargitt family lived there. Nice guides will show you around and tell you all about the house’s history and the old stuff inside.

Norwalk Arts and Sports Complex

Norwalk Arts and Sports Complex-Things to do in Norwalk California

The Norwalk Arts and Sports Complex is an amazing spot in Norwalk  where people can engage in various recreational activities.The Norwalk Arts and Sports Complex has things for people who like art and sports.If you are interested in playing games like tennis basketball or if you want to enjoy art classes and workshops so this place has all fun stuff for everyone.Additionally  the complex often hosts events tournaments and performances  adding to its vibrant atmosphere.Its a place where people of all ages may have fun together according to their interest.

Discovery cube

Discovery cube

Just a short drive about twenty minutes away from Norwalk in Santa Ana is the Discovery Cube. It’s a huge science museum where you can learn all about science by playing with interactive exhibits.Its a massive spot where people of all ages can learn about science through interactive exhibits.There are over 100 fun activities to try at the Discovery Cube. You can explore biology, the environment, space and lots more. Plus different parts of the centre focus on different science topics.You might see different exhibits each time you visit  like ones about dinosaurs and other cool stuff. 

Norwalk skatePark

Norwalk skatePark-Things to do in Norwalk California

If you enjoy skating or biking  Norwalk SkatePark is the perfect spot to practice.Its a wonderful place where you can enjoy nature and outdoor activities.The skate park is next to the Aquatic Pavilion and anyone young or old  beginner or expert  can come and have fun.This state park offers lots of fun stuff for visitors to enjoy.People who like fishing can fish in certain spots  and those with boats or kayaks can paddle around in the calm water.

Norwalk All city Youth Band

Norwalk All city Youth Band-Things to do in Norwalk California

The Norwalk All-City Youth Band is made up of talented young musicians from Norwalk. They love playing music and sharing it with the city.The band often plays at concerts, parades and events around the city. Keep an eye out for announcements to catch their performances when you’re in town.

Mary Paxon Art Gallery

Mary Paxon Art Gallery

The Mary Paxon Art Gallery located in the Cultural Arts Center is the main place for arts and culture in Norwalk.The gallery was started by Mary Paxon, a local  to display art from nearby artists. They change the exhibits often and like to feature artists who might not be well-known yet.They also host events and classes for people to learn more about art. It’s a great place to visit and explore creativity. 

Norwalk Golf centre

Norwalk Golf centre-Things to do in Norwalk California

The Norwalk Golf Center is a place where you can play golf.It  has a little course with 9 holes and places where you can practise different golf shots.There’s also a building where you can get equipment and take a break. What’s neat is that you can play golf here even when it’s dark outside because they have lights

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