9 Best things to do in Palm Springs , CA

Best things to do in Palm Springs

Back in the early 1900s Palm Springs was super fancy and famous. Movie stars and directors loved it because it was always sunny. Now it’s a cool vacation spot in the desert. People still go there to feel like they’re in old Hollywood in this article our team will cover the experience of best things to do in Palm Springs.

Besides all the fancy stuff and famous faces Palm Springs has a lot of substance too. When you’re done with the trendy hangouts and star-gazing try a museum or go explore the awesome desert life. There is so much more to discover beyond just the fancy stuff.

Let’s Explore things to do in Palm Springs

  • Coachella Valley Preserve
  • Take in the View from Above on the Aerial Tramway
  • Architecture Tour
  • Dine Like Sinatra at Melvyn’s Lounge
  • Visit the Elvis Honeymoon Hideaway
  • Palm Springs Art Museum
  • Ruddy’s General Store
  • Explore Joshua Tree National Park
  • Shop at the VillageFest Market

Coachella Valley Preserve

Coachella Valley Preserve-Best things to do in Palm Springs , CA

Imagine Palm Springs nestled between the uneven embrace of the Coachella Valley, a desert haven that brings up a lush palm forest. It’s like nature’s own secret garden where even in the dry desert life thrives.This place is like a safe home for rare birds and animals. They love it here because there are lots of plants and it’s really peaceful and beautiful. It shows that even in tough places nature can still thrive making it a happy place for everyone who comes to visit.This hiking trail is way cooler than the others around here. It’s perfect for avoiding the super hot sun during the day. The palm trees here are really tall because they’re allowed to grow however they want. Look for the special boardwalk trail for a really awesome walk among these huge trees.

Take in the View from Above on the Aerial Tramway

Take in the View from Above on the Aerial Tramway

Palm Springs is lucky to have dry desert on one side and snowy mountains on the other. There’s a special tramway that takes you way up to Chino Canyon and San Jacinto Park super high at 8,516 metres. It’s like riding a magic elevator to the top of the mountain. Once you’re at the mountain-top station and restaurant you will see amazing views of the desert below. Sip on a cocktail and take in the beautiful scenery or go explore the park and hike some awesome trails.

Architecture Tour

Architecture Tour-Best things to do in Palm Springs , CA

Palm Springs is known for its cool buildings from a long time ago. They have palm trees and pools next to them. One of the most famous is an old gas station that’s now a visitor centre. The roof looks super funky because a really famous architect, Albert Frey, designed it. In Palm Springs there are lots of amazing buildings made just for famous Hollywood stars. You can join special walking tours that show you all the coolest buildings in the city. Or if you prefer you can find walking trails online and explore by yourself. There’s something for everyone.

Dine Like Sinatra at Melvyn’s Lounge

Dine Like Sinatra at Melvyn’s Lounge-Best things to do in Palm Springs , CA

Melvyn’s Lounge in Palm Springs used to be a favourite spot for well known people like the Rat Pack. It’s still super cool now just like it was in the past. People think it’s one of the best bars in the whole country. You can go there for yummy brunches with champagne fancy cocktails and nice dinners. It’s a classy place to hang out. This restaurant used to be a favourite of big stars like Elizabeth Taylor. It has a cool history. It’s decorated really nicely with a modern style and there’s a pool outside. It reminds people of the fancy old days in Palm Springs.

At night the Piano bar is the place to be. There are awesome musicians who play songs from legends like Sinatra. It’s a fun spot for a night out.

Visit  the Elvis Honeymoon Hideaway

Visit  the Elvis Honeymoon Hideaway-Best things to do in Palm Springs , CA

Elvis Presley, a huge star, lived in Palm Springs. You can visit his cool modern mansion where he and Priscilla stayed for two years even on their honeymoon. Even if you’re not a big fan of Elvis, the house is really neat. It’s designed super well with all the cool 1960s furniture still there.

There’s tons of Elvis stuff to see and the tour guides are really knowledgeable. It’s perfect for fans who want to dive into his life story hence we include this in our Best things to do in Palm Springs , CA .

Palm Springs Art Museum

Palm Springs Art Museum

This cool art museum has awesome artwork from the ’50s and ’60s and they have really neat glass sculptures. The building was made in 1938 and looks super cool and modern. Lots of people visit mainly for Bill Anderson’s cool photos of famous movie stars from a long time ago like Judy Garland and Ava Gardner.

If you’re into Native American stuff they also have a really cool exhibit of their art.

Ruddy’s General Store

Ruddy’s General Store

Ruddy’s General Store is an old drugstore from a long time ago that’s still in really good shape. It’s like a cozy little museum in Palm Springs. It’s not super fancy like some other places around here but it’s still really nice to go and explore. It shows you what life was like for regular people back then. See all the old things on the shelves and look at the neat old furniture. There’s a cute old cash register from the 1930s.

The Palm Springs Historical Society takes care of the museum and it’s right next door. You can go there and learn about how this desert town began.

Explore Joshua Tree National Park

Explore Joshua Tree National Park

Joshua Tree Park near Palm Springs is a wild desert area full of unique plants and animals. In this big park you’ll find both the Mojave and Colorado deserts. The Colorado part has pretty sand dunes and grassy areas while the Mojave part is great for climbing because of its big rocks. The park got its name from a special tree that grows here and there are many other unique plants to discover too. You can ask the friendly park rangers for tips or you can venture out on your own and enjoy camping under the beautiful night sky.

Shop at the VillageFest Market

Shop at the VillageFest Market

There’s a cool flea market called VillageFest every Thursday in downtown Palm Springs. It’s way fancier than regular markets and has lots of art, old stuff and yummy food. Lots of young people come here and you can find all kinds of food from burgers to fancy mixtures.

There are also fun local bands playing so the streets feel like a big party until late at night we Hope your experience of things to do in Palm Springs , CA with our guide will be memorable.

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